The Little Docs United workshops began as Little Docs of Ferguson in 2014. The concept began to expand as setbacks to the original project started. Luckily nothing stopped the amazing energy designed to help youth to create short (little) documentaries about their experiences, neighborhoods, current events and history. Not only will Ferguson students benefit but students all over St. Louis City and County. Middle and high school students learn critical thinking and create content about empathy in areas of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion and bullying.  

Students also learn the importance of their voices as well as learning to champion the voices of others. Our primary goal is to teach children that their voices matter. We also share with educators more ways to honor the voices of the youth in our communities and help them embrace their worth.


Students age 12-18 in St. Louis City and St. Louis County will learn how to use documentary filmmaking and critical thinking skills to create short (2-10 minute) documentaries on themselves, issues in their neighborhoods or any other topics that impact their lives such as family, education and community. Outcomes: Young filmmakers will strengthen their interpersonal skills by working together in small groups and interviewing local residents. Students will also learn the history of their city and neighborhood from people with first hand knowledge of those events. Each student will be taught storyboarding, lighting, sound and how to operate a video camera. By the end of the course they will know how to use what they have learned to use film as a creative outlet and also to help honor others through the art of storytelling and film. Children with creative outlets such as videography are more able to express themselves in a constructive way that benefits them in ways they may not have considered before and offers our community benefits as well. Students will explore the ways to inspire others by honoring not only their stories but those of others as well. Students will learn how to "hold the space" for others to share and also how to remain aware of their own needs to share and add to the universal narrative.