St. Louis Art Works

Joining forces with filmmaker Mike Pagano as the assistant instructor and Co-Producer, teaching documentary film production to area youth starting 9/14/17!! What a joy it will be to engage youth in such a powerful ways giving them the opportunity to interview and film local artists and activists here in St. Louis, MO. about their lives and journeys. Stay tuned for links to what I am certain will be impressive and powerful work!


Stay tuned :-)


Stay tuned :-)


Little Docs United


The decision has been made to offer this opportunity to other students in St. Louis whether they reside in Ferguson or not. To all those who have donated and those who have consistently donated each month, we are prepared to make you proud! Stay tuned for details on the March 2016 start date and our awesome partnership with Think Write Inc. which is a youth writing workshop for young girls to become published authors! They have wonderful stories to share on paper and soon ON FILM! Thanks for your continued support. Find out more about Little Docs by visiting and find out more about Think Write Inc. by visiting


Little Docs Of Ferguson


Youth in Ferguson MO. have long since been seen as threats to the community rather than intelligent, honest, storytellers who deserve to have their view of the world shared with others. Allowing them to use their creative abilities to share their own stories as well as those of others helps to build compassion, empathy and understanding in a area that is seen as not having these characteristics.


North City Souls


The community background is in North St. Louis City. This area has long been under supported both in education and economic representation. The youth of De La Salle middle school will have a chance to

participate in emphatic storytelling.