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Is Little Docs Right For Your School?

Little Docs

Documentary Film Workshop

Instructor: Aziza Binti Photography & Films LLC.

Therapeutic support provided by: SistaKeeper STL


Name of exchange: Little Docs Documentary Film Workshop - Empathy At Work In Education

Description: Students will be taught how to use storytelling techniques to create a documentary film project focused on empathy and self discovery.

Duration: 6, 12 or 18 weeks.

Age range: Middle School/High School.

Maximum number of students: 7 to 10 students.

Outcome: Students create visual content regarding empathy related to topics of gender, race, class, religion and anti-bullying that can be shared with other students in their school and district. 


Objectives: Students develop skills in mindfulness, compassion and empathy through a partnership with SistaKeeper Empowerment Center, a non-profit that teaches school age girls to display an increased awareness of self-confidence. Students learn how to use the medium of film and photography to create content focused on empathy. They will strengthen their interpersonal skills by working together in small groups and engaging in meaningful instructor led conversations with one another. By the end of the course students will use what they have learned to express their ideas, feelings and concerns in a way that encourages conversation and resolution.

Takeaways: DVDs of the student's film and behind the scenes footage will be available for each child or a single DVD for the school depending on the length of the project timeframe purchased by the school. Schools may also receive individual photo albums or one of photos taken of and by the students.

Benefits: Students will walk away with increased emotional intelligence that they can use to express themselves, engage in compassionate and courageous conversations with other students, educators and their families. Children with creative outlets such as film and photography are able to express themselves in more constructive ways. Content can be used by other educators in the classroom to encourage empathy in students throughout the school and district wide.

Blog post focus: "How do you see yourself changing the world with your voice, vision, empathy and this film?" Students will be encouraged to see beyond their current circumstances and resources while discovering how their unique vision and purpose can effect and change the world around them in significant ways.

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